Sunday, 28 May 2017

XG Backgammon

It's my Birthday...woo Hoo.

Mrs Lansongammon didn't know what to get me so I helpfully steered her towards a download from those nice people at Extremegammon.

I have been wanting to play around with XG for a while now and after downloading the demo 14 day version I was hooked.
Luckily one of the benefits of being a premium member of the UKBGF is that I get a discount off of the full price.
So with my newly acquired licence code I fired up XG again. Entered the code and within a matter of seconds I was up and running.

To be honest even now, a week later I am still scratching my head over many of the features.
You see I am one of these people who

A: Hates reading help files.
B: If I do read a help file I have to print it to read.

Printing is out of the question as I would need a small loan to pay for the many many pages. So I will have to knuckle down and read online.

Don't get me wrong, I am loving the XG experience so far it's just that I want to get the maximum benefit from the programme and to do this I need to study the manual.

So get on with it I hear you cry...

I am also looking forward to being able to study other peoples recorded match play as well entering my own positions to analyse.. I will post further experiences of XG here, good or bad as they happen.

Club meetings.
You will be pleased to know that normal service has been resumed after our enforced May break. See the meetings page for upcoming dates.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Must Try Harder.

Hello all, It's well into the  year and I can safely say that I have been very slap dash with my blogg posts.
To be honest I just haven't had the enthusiasm to write anything.

We have started meeting at Number 8 cafe in Launceston but even that has not been going well, mainly due to me not doing much advertising.

Must Try Harder.

So as from May I am planning on reorganising and doing yet another Backgammon push here in Launceston.
Posters are being designed and I am in the process of locating an evening venue in Launceston for those who can't make in in the day at Number 8. 

Our currant afternoon meeting place. Upstairs at Number 8.

If you fancy a game then please come along.. We don't bite...Honest.

There are no subs or fees to pay. All we ask is that you buy something from the cafe as they have been very kind in letting us play here for nothing. 

Watch this space for a possible evening venue in Launceston coming soon.

 Next meeting tomorrow Thursday 27th April at 14:30

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

No meeting Thursday

Very sorry for the last Min post but this Thursdays meeting (30th March) is going to have to be cancelled due to a family emergency.
Hopefully we will be back to normal for the next meet in April.

Please watch this space for details before you travel.. 

Sorry for any inconvenience. 

Thursday, 9 March 2017

New venue.

Hello.... After a short absence we are now back up and running at a new location.
We are now meeting upstairs every other Thursday at No8 cafe in Launceston town center at 14:30.

No 8 serves hot and cold drinks as well  as some very yummy food. Although if you are planning on eating when playing, bear in mind that the kitchen closes at 14:30. So best be early.


Members are a little thin on the ground at present, but we are hoping with your help this will soon be rectified.

If you can play or just fancy learning, come along, we wont bite.....Honest..
No need to bring a board but if you have one it can't hurt.

We are members of the UKBGF who very kindly helped us get started two years ago and who offer a very good Backgammon related website to keep you informed of all things Backgammonie. (is that a real word? no idea)

My long term goal is to have enough commited members to be able to run a league and maybe in the future send a team to the clubs championships.
But for now I would be more than happy to see new faces.

The next meeting will be on Thursday 30th March 14:30
Thats the plan for now but please please check back here just in case it's canceled for some reason.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

On No....A page is missing

As you may or may not have noticed our meetings page is missing.

Don't panic normal service will be resumed soon.


we are also planning a Thursday afternoon meeting in Launceston town center. We have a venue in mind but are yet to finalise details. (watch this space)

The idea being that Thursday afternoon in a cafe will potentially interest a completely different set of people who may not want to go out in the evening to a pub.

So while we are sorting things out it's meetings as usual at the Pint & Post.

Monday, 7 November 2016

No meeting

Hi, very quick last minute post..
There is no meeting this Tuesday 8th due to work commitments etc..

Back to normal next week....

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

New club??

It's been a funny old couple of weeks.

We have had a new player come along for the last three weeks. Great I hear you cry, fresh members..

Well that didn't quite work out.

This week he came along to announce that he wouldn't be coming very often from now on as he had been chatting with some friends and they were planning on starting a club local to them.

So bad news that he won't be a regular. But at the same time I can completely understand this as his trip to us every Tuesday was roughly a 50 mile round trip.

On the plus side, good news that there is going to be another club in the south west  as well as somewhere else for me to find a game.

I'm hoping that when they are up and running a

Lansongammon. v. ??

match can be arranged.

I think he is planning on getting a mention on the UKBGF site club list as well as BIBA so keep an eye on their site for a nice new club in the area.